Two-piece suit

Classic suit consists of a jacket and trousers. This type of suit serves both as a casual suit for work and as a suit for celebrations. Therefore, this is the most versatile and popular type of suit that men wear most often today. However, it is also possible to vary with this type of suit. You can choose a fabric for a two-piece suit with or without a pattern. The suit jacket may have two or three buttons in one row with a single or double vent, or two rows of buttons and a double vent. It is possible to experiment with the width of the lapels and the number of pockets. As well as accessories, lining or other details make a two-piece suit completed.


Three-piece suit

Suit ensemble consists of a jacket, vest and trousers. This is very convenient because in a colder weather the suit consisting of three parts warms the body, but in the warmer weather you can take off your jacket and still look elegant. Similar as two-piece suit, the jacket can have one or two rows of buttons and vents, narrower or wider lapels. The vest can also be designed with lapels and two-row buttons, which gives more festive mood, or it is possible to choose a classic version with single-row buttons and no lapels. The back of the vest can be lined, which is usually combined with the lining of a jacket, or the entire vest can be from the same fabric. A three-piece suit is often made from two different fabrics, choosing one of the three-piece suit parts to be a different color.


Wedding suit

The choice of the suit for the groom is quite large, as the format of the wedding tends to be different. Matching to the brides dress tends to influence the choice of the suit, as well as the season and the chosen wedding venue. When tailoring a wedding suit, it is possible to adhere to the classic or traditional style or oppositely create an ultra modern wedding suit, but regardless of the style of the suit, the quality of its fabric must be at the top of the task so that the groom feels comfortable in his wedding suit. You can choose light or dark fabric for a two-piece suit, a three-piece suit can even be made in two colors, where two parts are one color and the third is a different one. Wedding suits can also be complemented with accessories that match the look of the bride and gives individuality to the image.
Nowadays, men are experimenting with their wedding looks/outfits, ordering a wide variety of suits, tuxedos and even tailcoats.